Until The End Comes, Enjoy Your Lawyers

Oct 26, 2021

Who Needs A God Of HellFire When You Have The King Of Debt? Volume 2, Chapter 18, Verse 51

Speaking of great gentlemen, Chief Justice of the Ali Baba Supreme Court, Colonel Tom Parker, he used to manage Elvis. Related to the Sanders who makes my chicken. Tom, thank you very much. Thank you, Tom.

A lot of power here tonight, some are big stars. I hope none are comets. We need stars, not comets. State Senate president pro tem, Lou Reed. Lou, thank you very much. Thank you. State Senator Marlon Brandon, who singlehandedly did the best stuff. Thank you, Brandon, thank you. 

Brandon’s been big in stopping the steal. What? You think we stopped stopping the steal just because the corrupt Democrats won’t prosecute themselves? We have so many great lawyers like Brandon. Thank you, Brandon! Let’s go Brandon! What a great cheer! Let’s go Brandon.

We’re not a minority and it’s time we start acting like one. We have to learn from their mistakes. They have math on their side, but no one uses math anymore. Everyone’s got a phone. We’re not in elementary school. That’s not the American Dream. The American Dream is never having to go to school at all.

If you study hard you’ll be able not to worry about math & English & all that other liberal nonsense they teach your kids in school these days. Who really thinks that?

They spend more time complaining about what happened to some slaves hundreds of years ago or tribes of savages who are mostly extinct and the rights of the LGBTQ to pee wherever they want. Who does that? Can you pee wherever you want? If people could pee wherever they wanted, think of how things would smell. It’s insane.

I’m a great friend to the LGBTQ, but you have to draw a line somewhere, and nobody has the right to pee wherever they want. If that’s not in the Constitution, somebody was asleep during negotiations.

State Representative Andrew Breitbart. A man who’s done a fantastic job, Sheriff Bobby Gentry. Thank you. Thank you, Bobby. National committee man, Ryan Reynolds. Thank you. Thank you very much.