They Keep Hoping Our Movement Will Peter Out

Oct 11, 2021

As Abraham Lincoln Always Said: We’re Still In It To Win It, Volume 2, Chapter 8, Verse 6

In some states, you had a little thing going on, a little problem, more votes than voters. A little problem. Take a look at Detroit. You take a look. I been there. I hated it there. It smelled bad. I don’t plan on going back.

“Sir, they have many more votes than they have voters.” Oh, that doesn’t sound so good. Are you certain? “Yes, sir.” That really doesn’t sound so good, does it, huh?

And they needed just a little bit, just a little bit. Didn’t need it all, didn’t need much of it. But they got greedy & you wouldn’t stand for it when you found out. “Sir, that’s not fair to our favorite president, having more votes than voters. How does that work?”

It doesn’t work. If they had stopped with just the legal votes, I was winning big. It was a landslide. You know it was big because the fake media wouldn’t say it. They kept saying all the votes weren’t it. “It’s too early to call.” They were looking for more votes. They checked under the tables, in the suitcases, the mailboxes, and whoa! What a surprise. They found all these illegal votes.

That’s why so many very fine people showed up to protest on January 6, because they stole the election right out from under us. We had won on November 3, and we went to bed, and when we got up in the morning, suddenly they were finding all these dumps of mail-in votes that should haven’t been counted.

It was so unfair.