The Scorpian Spoke To KuklaM*A*S*H

Oct 13, 2021

Dense Is The Darkness & Light There Is None, Volume 2, Chapter 12, Verse 2

So they steal my coat & tell me I just lost it, when I can see it, right in front of me, plain as day! Where in the Constitution does it say you can ride in on somebody’s coattails and steal his coat?

I was winning big on November 3, it was a landslide, beautiful, so beautiful, it was unbelievable because the fake media said you shouldn’t believe it, but your votes weren’t good enough. They had to keep counting more votes, wherever they could. They bused them in to the mailboxes.

But Marjorie & Laurena & so many others rode in on my coattails, and I did not lose a single Republican recumbent in Congress. Not one. Think of that. For the first time… Look it up. Google. Never before in all of history. Congressmen, we never think of that. Nobody does. This was in decades and decades, we didn’t lose one seat.

And you know why? I hate to say it, so you say. Go ahead.

That’s right. Because of me. It’s all because of me.