The Creature Touched Me & Feathers Covered My Arms

Oct 26, 2021

Where Would We Be Without A Bunch Of Begats? Volume 2, Chapter 17, Verse 48

Do you really think you’re the number one threat to national security? Well, that’s what they’re saying. You know who they are. You know where they live. You showed them on Jan 6 that you knew where they were working to steal the election. Now they know you mean business.

Because we did much better than anyone realized. Our rallies were bigger. There were more enthusiasts. We did much, much better. We had the best polls. We had the best voters, volunteers mostly. We got 12 million more votes. I mean, we went from 63 to 75 million. And this person said, “I never thought of that, sir. I never.”

He wasn’t that bad. He was radical left, but he wasn’t that bad. But he did say, “I followed your campaign, sir. It was the most incredible campaign I’ve ever saw. Where you would get up and do three, four and five of these rallies every day, & you always said the right message, & you never said the same thing twice, & you did that for 30 days before the election.”

This was when Sleepy Joe was hiding out in his basement, wearing those big huge ugly masks. I even caught the COVID, but you’ll never catch me in an ugly mask.

He said, “I’ve never seen anything like that.” And he said, “There has never been anything like that in the history of politics in this country, and probably in the history of politics in the world. There’s never been a movement like this.”

I said, “Are you going to write that?”

“Write what, sir?”

"What you just said. Are you going to write that?”

“I can’t write that, sir,” he said. "I work at MacDonald’s.” Even at MacDonald’s you can’t say good things about Donald Trump and his supporters. It’s a disgrace.


Alabama Attorney General, Steve Martin. Steve? Thank you, Steve. Thank you. Thank you very much. Where’s the banjo?

Representatives Jerry Rivers, MacLemore, Gary Arnold. Robert, where’s Robert? Robert Adderall. He’s been another one I can always count on. Oh, and one of my favorite people.

She’s so smart. I hope she’s around. I hope she’s around. She is an incredible woman. She’s a brilliant woman. Doesn’t get credit for it, but we all know about that stuff. Marjorie Taylor Green, Marjorie. Where is she? She’s great. She is great. She’s a warrior princess, like Xeno.