The Beauty Of Me Is That I Am So Very Rich

Oct 28, 2021

My Fingers Are Long & Beautiful, Just Like My You Know What, Volume 2, Chapter 25, Verse 03

He attacked oil and gas workers here in America and caused gas prices to skyrocket through the atmosphere, yet now he is begging OPAC for more production to please send more energy our way to stop the climate hoax. Please send oil & gas to our country.

And six months ago we had so much, we didn’t know what the hell to do with it. People had to keep it in their basements they had so much. Unbelievable. He shut a lot of it down, had nothing to do with the environment. Excuse me, excuse me. It’s called an environmental hoax. I call it the big environmental hoax.

He did the exact opposite. I broke OPAC & signed the executive order, & I broke the cartels. MS-13. You saw what was happening. Did anybody not see it coming? We actually had a moment in time where oil prices went down per barrel to minus $37. You could go to Walmart and get a barrel & Walmart paid you $37 dollars to take it.

In other words, if you took a barrel of oil, they gave you $37. That’s the new math. I told my people, why didn’t you do that? We would’ve gotten paid to take the oil. More tax breaks! More time for vacation. But that was too much because it was going to destroy our industry. 

But we did fill up the national oil reserves that were empty for years, like everything else. And we filled them up with very cheap oil. And now Biden wants to use that to supplement what we have. We shouldn’t do that.