That Life Which You Look For You Will Never Find

Oct 12, 2021

Because The Democrats Will Always Steal It All Away, Volume 2, Chapter 9, Verse 8

The Arizona auditors have also collected a sworn affidavit stating that county election workers abolished signature matching entirely. How can you have a fair election if you don’t bring in those suspected of voter fraud & see if their signature matches the ballot that went against me, because anyone who’s against me, is against making America great again, again, which also means they also don’t want to keep America great again, again.

Okay, well that sounds reasonable. Does that sound reasonable to you? I don't think so.

No signature. No signature. They abolished the signature. How can people pay their bills?

In other words, “Whose signature is it?”

“We’re not allowed to match.”

“Oh, that’s great.”

“We think so.”

You think so. You really think so? The American people don’t think so. They think its a scam, it’s fake, it’s all made up by the fake news, the enemy of the people.