Peace Always Passeth For Understanding

Oct 2, 2021

No One Ever Got Rich Through Acts Of Kindness, Volume 2, Chapter 2, Verse 49

Don’t ever tell us we don’t understand. We understand. And we’ve understood very much in America First that immigration security is national security and national security requires a vigilant Space Force to keep an eye on the caravans.

And that’s why we instituted the travel ban. Remember that great travel ban? It wasn’t just to stop the Muslim terrorists and tourists from shit hole countries. As President, I’ve had to ride down the streets, and I say, “Wow, is that place nice? What a nice place. Wow, what you could do with that place. Look at that site. It’s just wide open and waiting…” And then I remember, Wait a second. I have to deal with China this afternoon. Better forget about these great business opportunities for now.

I took such heat where I was able to take out these people that came into our country from very tough countries… Very, very tough countries. You wouldn’t believe how very tough. And I was able to stop them from coming to our country because we didn’t want to have our stores blown up. We didn’t want to have buildings set on fire and death and destruction.

We don’t need more American Carnage. I ended that during my first inauguration.