Once Upon A Time, In A Gaggle Of Galatians Far, Far Away

Oct 5, 2021

We Were Handed A Painted Turd, Volume 2, Chapter 4, Verse 15

We dramatically reduced terrorist admissions from the shit hole states and kept rascally Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. Is that okay? I mean, is that okay? Of course, it’s OK. It’s better than OK. It’s what makes America great is deciding who to hire, but the Dems and the liberals couldn’t stand it. They want an even playing field.

They started to rig the election even before I announced I was leaving The Apprentice, which was a great show that created reality on TV, maybe the best show ever, they were so jealous. Didn’t I say way back when they started the Democrat coronavirus hoax that they were going to steal the election?

So on election night, I was up big, but they started stealing my votes, and I vowed never to let them do it. Billions and billions voted for us on Nov. 3rd when the polls closed, but they kept counting the illegal mail-in ballots.

We won Georgia by 117,000 votes. We won everything, but it was starting to look like my Supreme Court was going to have to step in to keep them from stealing everything.

And then Mitch McConnell just let them do it.

One of the first acts that Biden did after Mitch McConnell said, “We must get back to work. We have to get our country going. We have to approve him as the president.” Everyone was stunned. How could Mitch do this to our country? Mo would never have done this.

Even though the evidence was staggering, you’ll see the evidence starting to come out. It’s already come out, far beyond what we need. By the way… Far, far, far beyond what we need. We have so much evidence. Like you wouldn’t believe.