Oh What A Tasteful Stew He Brews

Oct 5, 2021

Did You Know Homer Simpson Was Named After A Great Writer? Volume 2, Chapter 7, Verse 20

By the way, that’s 10 times more than I need to win, 20 times more, lmaybe five or six times that much.

It’s really not even believable what’s going on, but it’s going on anyway. Each and every one of you here tonight must do everything we can to save America before you don’t have a country anymore. Thank God for the Second Amendment. Thank God for that.

We’re talking about saving. You have to save if you want to invest, but first you have to save, because if you don’t save, there’s nothing to invest with. You can’t borrow money to make money anymore. They ruined that for us.

You remember, we had Make America Great Again, then they stole the election, & I said, oh boy, now we have to do it again because what they’ve done. So we had Make America Great Again Again. Again & again & again. They can’t stop us. Nothing can stop us. Not even nuclear force.

We have God on our side, all the gods, all the gods are with us. How gods is that? Thousands, at least, maybe more.

We made a great one once and now we’ve got to make a great one again. We just have to concentrate and force one out.

That begins with an earth-shattering win in November 2022. And by the way, we never forget 2020, just in case you have any questions. We’re not forgetting 2020. The most corrupt election in the history of our country. We should have been reinstated by now, except for the deep state and AOC. Such a piece of work that one.

Most corrupt election in the history of most countries, to be followed by an even more glorious victory in November of 2024. We’re going to have a great big, huge, beautiful victory then, like you wouldn’t believe. Tust me.

200,000 removed from the voter rolls the day after the election and they did it, unfortunately, why didn’t they move them before the election? They removed them after the election. Oh, thank you very much. I appreciate it. They removed these names after the election was over. Approximately 30 times more than we needed.