Look, Up In The Sky, It's A Turd That Looks Like Superman!

Oct 28, 2021

Even The Gods Cowered Like Dogs At What We Had Done, Volume 2, Chapter 20, Verse 20

As a man who holds many records for many things in many different places, I appreciate a good record, not neccessarily clean, but good. Some people never set a single record in their entire lives. It’s not like they haven’t tried, they’re just not record-breaking material. They weren’t born to set records like others of us who know when something is a record. We turn nothing into industries.

Under our administration, we accomplished four more years of breaking records for everything. We took care of people at a level that nobody has ever thought possible. Half a million people. From a hoax. No president, and I say this, and I don’t get credit, but I get criticized, no president, or certainly very few presidents, ever, have accomplished what we accomplished in four years.

We passed massive tax cuts and record-setting regulation cuts. We ended BAFTA and the SHAFTA disaster, the worst trade deal ever made on this planet, and replaced it with USMAGACA, that’s Mexico and Canada, who were both doing big numbers on our country, they thought we were patsies, they played us along, but not anymore.

You can even get USMACACA baseball caps! Look for them as you exit.

We withdrew from the job-killing trans-Pacific partnership, because marriage is only between a man & a woman, & I stood up to China like nobody has ever stood up before, except maybe Chung Chai Check, taking in billions and billions of dollars from China to fund our campaign when we never took in a dime from China before in all of history.

That’s what we were, just saying with “ onny, we gave them a lot of money.” $28 billion out of that money I didn’t see a penny, and we had a lot left over, & it’s thanks to people like…you know who I’m talking about

A patriot, a wonderful man, a man who puts his guts into everything, who’s not afraid to put his guts where the real money is. A man that they don’t treat properly. He’s smart. He loves this country so much. He’s willing to die for this country.

I watched him over the Interweb at his symposium, which was really amazing. Some of the people he had were incredible, incredible people. Mike Lindell! People call him The Pillow Guy. I call him on the phone almost everyday. Mike?