Kuklaml*A*S*H Saw The Secret & Pushed Himself To Exhaustion

Oct 26, 2021

Never Let Them See You Schlepp, Volume 2, Chapter 19, Verse 35

I know a thing or two about raising money, but this guy, Alabama GOP chair, this guy is amazing. You know what you raised tonight? A record in the history of the Republican party, going back to Abraham Lincoln.

Of course they didn’t have electronic billing then.

And I think also in the history of the Democrat party, if we can say that. Sure, we can say that. It’s our First Amendment too. Just because we like the Second Amendment best doesn’t mean we give up our First Amendement.

You raised $1.2 million. Congratulations!

And I didn’t ask for anything, I should have. I made a mistake.

Marjorie, I made a mistake. Maybe I’m not such a great businessman after all. Maybe I lost the touch. You know, normally I’ll say, all right, we’ll raise money, but you take half. We take half. We put it into my campaign. We put it…

I just said the hell with it. Alabama is so good. Keep the whole damn thing. He raised $1.2 million. John Wall Booth, John? Great job, John.