KuklaM*A*S*H Is More Popular Than Ever

Oct 12, 2021

Even Saddam Hussein Loved KuklaM*A*S*H, Volume 2, Chapter 11, Verse 9

You know, Obama, the second time got millions fewer votes than he did the first time when people got tired of Kenya, he never proved he wasn’t, why could you never see the real certificate? so many different birth certificates just to prove he wasn’t from Kenya, I never had to prove where I’m from. I’m an American! You can tell just from loooking at me.

But even with millions less, even after 4 years of complete & total failure, his wind turbines kill 13-39 billion birds and bats every year, did you know that? I did not know that, but there it is, right there on Facebook and Google, but not Chinese bats, because Chinese bats are OK, right? He killed billions of helpless little birds & bats every year, & he still won, even while losing millions of votes.

I got 75 million votes from some of the very finest people ever. That’s the largest vote by far ever gotten by a sitting president going back to The Bible. No other president has even come close. And most presidents go down in the second term. Even if they win, they go down. Obama went down way down, but he won.

Well, going down? I don’t know. Maybe he won. Who the hell knows if he won. Nowadays with these elections, who knows if he won, but he went down a lot, and he won.

Most of them go down. Some of them go up. But if they go up, they don’t go up much. I don’t go down. I never go down. Ask your beautiful First Lady. “Sir, tell them I say you never go down and you are a fighter.” I’m a great fighter.

But we went up. We went up by 12 million votes. I was told, “Sir,” a great pollster. “So we got 63 million in 16.” He said, “Sir, if you go up 1 million votes, you can’t lose.”

Well, we went up 12 million votes on November 3, but they wouldn’t call the election while I was ahead, because they rigged it, just like I said they would way back in 2016.

Everyone went to bed, & the next day, I get up and what’s this? They say we lost, but I didn’t believe them, & neither should you.

There never has been a concession. You do know that. Of course, you do. You’re here! So if I never conceded how could I lose? Why isn’t everyone asking that?