Jesus Loves Us This We Know

Oct 13, 2021

Great God Almighty Tells Us So, Volume 2, Chapter 15, Verse 2

He has so much of the thing called common sense that brings us together to do great things like we saw on January 6 when millions of you told the Democrats you’re mad as hell & not gonna take it anymore, just like in the movies. Thank you for sticking it to the Hollywood elites.

I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist. I think that would maybe be, maybe, going too far, but I love everybody who loves me, just like you. Thank you. I love you too, but it is true.

Early on I said, “How are we doing in Alabama?” “Sir, you’re up about 45 points.” This was before I knew any, I didn’t know what the hell it even meant. “45 points. That sounds good.” Doesn’t that sound good to you? Of course it does.

We’re up at the numbers that nobody’s ever seen before. When Julius Caesar ran for president, he didn’t get 45 points. Hell, he got stabbed in the back. But I have the greatest bodyguards. Nobody gets close to me, not that anyone wants to, unless they want something, which is how democracy works.

We’ve never gone down, now we’re up higher than we ever were. And you also have somebody that is unbelievable. Unbelievable. He happens to be now a Senator. He was an unbelievable football coach, American football, not that game with the silly shorts, Tommy Toonerville. Tommy, stand up, Tommy.

Where is Tommy? Where’s Tom? I love Tommy. Where the hell is he? Where is he? Isn’t he here? I know he’s here. He better be here. The hell of a crowd. I want to tell you, this crowd goes so far back. See the cameras. We shouldn’t give that to the media because all they do is they block the view and they don’t say the truth, anyway. They're so fake.