Inka Dinka Doo So Fine A Tune For Croonin'

Oct 28, 2021

Sometimes We Must Sit In The Darkness To Bring Forth The Light, Volume 2, Chapter  21, Verse 45

Under our administration, we accomplished more in four short years than most presidents dream of accomplishing in eighty years, which is what the founding fathers thought great presidents should be allowed to serve before the woke crowd turned everything to shit.

We passed the biggest tax cuts in the history of our country going back to the days when anyone could hunt a buffalo along America’s great interstate highway system. Record setting regulation cuts. Nobody came close. Fair and reciprocal trade deals. We got rid of SHAFTA. One of the worst deals ever made.

Now we have the USMAGACA and we stood up to China like never before. We charged them tens of billions of dollars of tariffs. We never took in 25 cents from China before me. We built the greatest economy in the history of the world. And then we did it again.

We had to do it twice and now it’s being destroyed, rapidly destroyed by what they’re doing with inflation and other things, so many things.

We completely rebuilt the United States military. We created the first and only Space Force and we selected Huntsville, Alabama as the new headquarters of the US Space Command to track dangers from out there. As well as problems here at home that you can see better from space.

If you think the Mexicans were bad with their rapists and drugs and crime, you won’t believe how bad the caravans of space aliens would have been if we hadn’t stopped them from invading our great space station, which is infrastructure, by the way. Excuse me, excuse me. You know what I’m saying.