If I Had A Billion Dollars For Every Time I Went Bankrupt!

Oct 2, 2021

I Still Would Have Invented The Space Force, Volume 2, Chapter 2, Verse 26

So just like that they want to give them $4 billion that I could use much better somewhere else when I’m reinstated, to restore law & order, instead of all this socialist stuff. This will never be a socialist country as long as I’m in charge.

They’re working on the paperwork right now. 4 billion. That money is going to be stolen by liberals. It’s going to be given to the cartels. It’s going to be given to the traffickers. It’s going to be kept by their politicians, the foreign Democrats, the Contra Nostra. See, we only have honest politicians in our country, right? Like Mo. Every time he thinks, he weakens the nation. That’s true.

You know what else is true? I never conceded. I knew it was rigged, so I never conceded, so am I really still president? What do you think? Do you think I’m still president? I hear many people think so.

What I think is I think nobody has done more for Christianity or for evangelicalism — or for big religious business itself — well, except maybe for The Big Guy up there and baby Jesus — nobody has done more than I have, so many different things. I told you Joe Biden was going to be bad, and he cheated very much on what they really think of organized religions and frankly Christianity.