I Did More For The Blacks Than Kenya

Oct 2, 2021

Who Tied Her Ethiopian Tubes? Volume 2, Chapter 3, Verse 55

I took a lot of heat over that travel ban. People said, “That’s not nice.” 

They all like to call it a “Muslim ban.” It wasn’t a Muslim ban, it had nothing to do with cotton. Cotton never stopped. We love cotton.

It was a travel ban from a lot of different countries that are bad and they send bad people to us. When we need people, we go get them wherever they are and load them on planes and ships and bring them here to do the jobs hard-working Americans are too busy to do.

And because of the travel ban, we didn’t have to accept that. So it was a great success, but they try and make it look like it wasn’t very nice.

It’s really not even believable what’s going on, but it’s going on nevertheless, despite our not wanting it to go on. It is what it is. That’s what they say. It is what it is.

Each and every one of us here tonight must do everything we can to save America from the Socialists. We’re talking about saving. You have to save before you can invest, & right now the Democrats only want to invest in the future, when what we need to be doing is saving, because you have to save America first or you won’t have a country to invest in.

You remember, we had Make America Great Again, then I said, oh boy, now that we have it so great, we need to Keep America Great, which is when we made the new hats to celebrate and tell the liberals Never Again.

But in just a couple of months of Biden, the squad, & antifa, we have to do it again because of what they’ve done. So we had Make America Great Again Again. Again and again. We made a great thing & won the election, but they stole it from us, and now we’ve got to make it great again.

That begins with an earth-shattering win in November 2022.

And by the way, we never forget 2020, just in case you have any questions. We’re not forgetting 2020. We are still waiting to be reinstated any day now.

The most corrupt election in the history of our country. Most corrupt election in the history of most countries, most planets really, to be followed by an even more glorious victory in November of 2024.

We’re going to have a big, big, beautiful group of great stand your grounders by then, & then they’ll see who’s boss.