Hey Jews Don't Make It Bad Take A Bad Steal & Make It Better

Oct 12, 2021

Judes Will Not Replace Us, Volume 2, Chapter 9, Verse 44

Finally, a recent trend analysis of all 50 states based on population growth, voter history, shoe size, and voter registration data by one of the most respected people in the entire history of that industry, going back to Henry Ford inventing the wheel. Somebody so respected, like you wouldn’t believe, a military person, Captain Seth Kerkel found over 8 million excess Biden votes.

8 million excess votes. That’s an entire naked city, folks. Remember Naked City? What a great show that was. You should watch it. All 8 million episodes. I bet it’s on You Tube.

Where did those votes come from? They weren’t counted on November 3, like all my votes were counted, and we were winning big, remember, really big, Pennsyvania, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Puerto Rico even. Everybody voted for me, but somehow Biden ended up with 8 million excess votes.

In other words, he had 8 million more votes than he was supposed to have, than he should have had, than the pollsters allowed him to have, according to the experts. That was way more votes than they claimed they beat me by, so how does that work?

And let me tell you something else. Just like they tried on the 2016 election with the totally fabricated con job about a peepee tape and Russian confusion, what they did in 2020 was far worse, far worse, much, much, far worse, and much more very sophisticated, more incredibly highly sophisticated. I was told no one had ever seen so much sophistication as this, even for the liberal elites.

They worked on this for four years at least, maybe much, much longer, and we were given a few weeks to find out what they did. We knew it was fake. We knew what they were doing, but we were only given a very small part of time, tiny little pieces of time. The pieces were so small.

We didn’t get any help from Mitch McConnell. We didn’t get any help from that guy. What a damn douc… I know I shouldn’t say it, so I will, but not right now. Come on! Let’s wait until I’m reinstated!