He Who Sees All Is Wise Beyond The Law

Oct 12, 2021

Who Can Doubt The Benevolent Rule Of Lawyers, Volume 2, Chapter 9, Verse 26

Maricopa County has refused to comply with an official subpoena to provide images of the envelopes, which would prove whether they indeed counted ballots with no signatures at all. You got that?

They claim they have already provided the same information in previous lawsuits that they rigged against you. They claim the statues of limitations did it. How do we know what they provided the last time or the one before that is the same as what they’re refusing to provide us now? We don’t. I know I don’t.

That’s how political science works. You ask questions of your very fine people to get the answers you need to support the final solution we decided on so long ago nobody remembers, & right away the liberal snowflakes start complaining. “That’s just like Hitler!” they say, without giving the other side any chance to present their preferences.

Many of the ballots weren’t signed, they were just thrown in there. Were they counted or not? Who knows? Does anybody really know? Why can’t we get any answers?

I know many of you have prayed for answers, & that’s good, that’s good for you, but I’ve got an army of lawyers who are trained in how to use the rule of law to get what I want & know exactly what to look for.

We won. Everybody knows we won. The only question is why haven’t I been reinstated?