Have You Got Georgia On Your Mind?

Oct 11, 2021

My Friend Jim Jordan Says We Won Georgia, Volume 2, Chapter 7, Verse 5

Earlier this month, it was revealed that in Georgia, ballots were rejected by machines and illegally altered by hand to remove marks for Trump and instead cast votes for Joe Biden.

Jim Jordan found thousands of these ballots in Ohio in a gym, in the shower, more than 12,000 in fact, which was enough to win Georgia, but they stole it.

And then they went after my great supporters in Georgia, Kelly Luffa, Dave Pardo, Marjoe Gringo, they took away her powers & kept banning her Twitters. We only needed 11,780 votes, but they stopped the count.

They cooked the recounts in Georgia so our very fine people were not all counted but they counted BLM voters twice, sometimes three or four times. How else could there be so many black people in Georgia?

If Georgia was so bad, why did they let all these black people get away with voting? You’ll see that coming in. You’re going to see many of it. Like you wouldn’t believe, and then some.