Ever Been To The Philippians? They Have A Great Leader

Oct 5, 2021

Don’t Moralize At Me, You Losers, Volume 2, Chapter 4, Verse 48

“We have to get back to our country and running our country,” Mitch McConnell says, as if we hadn’t just had the greatest four years of running our country in all of history. Nobody had ever run the country the way I did. Ask anyone.

And so Mitch says Joe is the president, in spite of all the fraud, in spite of the irregularity in technicalities, to spite of your hard work & all the great things we accomplished, and the first thing that Biden did was sign 17 of the worst executive orders in the history of our country. Did you read them? You should read them. I couldn’t get through one of them they were so bad.

If I couldn’t get through one of them, why should you? Trust me.

And one of them Biden revoked that beautiful, wonderful travel ban and has surged refugee resettlement from the most dangerous shit hole countries in the world. The most dangerous terrorists in the world. The most dangerous socialists anywhere. They come into our country now with no problem, like they own the place, “Come on in. Love to have you.”