All The Gnus That Give Two Shits

Sobbing Laura Loomer Refuses To Concede, Claims Election Rigged By Florida Antifa


If They Can Do This To Me, They Can Keep You From Winning Elections Too

Citing Twitter polls conducted by her campaign staff leading up to Tuesday’s resounding defeat for the extreme white-wing fascist, everyone’s favorite social-media funded political sloppy seconds, Laura Loomer (R-Word, FL) vowed to become Florida’s representative for the eleventh district in 2023 “if I have to doubleand triple count every vote in November myself.”

Supporters of the vapid anti-feminist Repugnicunt talking asshole quickly gathered on Twitter to signal Loomer’s alleged virtues and Trumpian qualifications can do far more than Daniel Webster can to justify democracy’s hold on man, saying there is no one better suite to serve the dumbest of the dumb in America.

Common sense long ago showed marginally aware Americans that the greatest concentration of dumb violent racist motherfuckers is in the southern shit hole states, with Florida and Texas seemingly trapped in a death-struggle to determine which pile of shit population will succumb to fossil-fuel induced extinction first.

Either one works for me.