All The Gnus That Give Two Shits

How About We Just Rebrand July Fourth From Independence To Second Amendment Day?


Every Year We Can Set Our Goals For Increasingly Greater Heights Of Stupidity With Revolving Sponsorship!

Last I checked, during the most recent of our supply-side shopping holiday seasons, several not-so-good guys (&gals?) with guns managed to kill more than 220 upstanding & not-so-upstanding citizens of our nation of miserable fucks that many friends & family members are probably mourning or getting angry over the loss of.

Another nearly 600 patriotic clay pigeons were treated for wounds, some of them ghastly. But for those who still think things couldn’t get any worse, wait until the wounded and thosee responsible for burying the dead get their emergency room and ambulance bills! Now, that’s priceless.

Let’s remember that none or at least very few of these ghastly wounds would ever have happened if not for all you good guys with guns.

What a bunch of maroons you proud uneducated morons have become. Think of your unaborted children, you assholes.