All The Gnus That Give Two Shits

Press Blasts For White House Abandoning Mask Mandates


Fake News Shouts: What Ever Happened To Following The Science

Now that it seems like every week is read it and weep sweeps week, the mainstream media is understandably upset that the Biden administration is rolling back mask mandates that the press has been openly challenging for weeks and no one is following anyway, because that’s the American First Way!

“What are we going to complain about now?” said Chuck Todd, of Meat The Nation Of Miserable Fucks, “once the war is over?”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki took the ribbing in stride, noting that if the administration had stuck with mandate recommendations, “you assholes would have encouraged your viewers to defy the mandates to show their support for freedom, whatever the fuck that means these days, when you assholes are still peddling stories that a landslide election of Joe Biden by nearly 90 million voters you tried every which way to keep from voting was somehow stolen because corporations didn’t get the representation they expected, well, fuck you. And fuck your entire gene pool.

“And in case anyone is actually recording this with the intent of embarrassing me by making my comments go viral on Truth Social,” Psaki grinned, displaying dual Rockefeller salutes to the professional assholes who think anyone should respect them, saying: “Go for it, guys. Psaki hack yourselves.”