All The Gnus That Give Two Shits

You Wanna Know Why We Really Can't Have Nice Things?


I Mean Besides Being A Nation Of Miserable Fucks

The science is settled. What we are arguing over is who gets to bury the dead. Or stumble over them while hunting for shelter and things to eat.

We are doomed to a largely uninhabitable planet within 30 years unless we curb the use of fossils fuels and shift to renewable resources.

Vaccines are safe and effective at preventing many communicable diseases, including the highly contagious coronavirus called COVID19 and its growing gallery of troublesome variants.

Technology has advanced human accomplishments more in the last 50 years than in the previous 5 thousand.

The Earth is so old that humanoid civilizations may have cropped up and gone extinct several thousand times previously, as each one advanced to the point of becoming nearly totally disposable and was reduced to an ash layer used only in the dating of fossils unfortunate enough to be misidentified by the people who study them.

So truckers are driving their greenhouse gas generators across the country to protest being required to protect themselves and their neighbors by getting vaccinated. Because freedumbocracy.

Instead of taking the opportunity of this ongoing catastrophic pandemic, the climate crisis and the mass migrations it is causing, and rising oil prices driving up costs at the pump, Americans are clamoring for cheaper gas and more of it, if I am reading the mainstream reporting and opinion pieces correctly. Because freedumbocracy.

It’s as if what this nation of miserable fucks really needs is to rebrand its Suicide Prevention Hotlines. Because freedumbocracy.