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Mom Of Soldier Slain In Kabul Blames Biden Voters


Vows To File Criminal & Civil Complaints

Karen Whitelaw has had it with liberals and socialists. The suburban mother of four says “They killed my boy, sure as we’re standing here. My president had a peace plan, but these Biden voters stole the election by all of them voting and look what happened.”

Lance Corporal Justin Whitelaw was killed in the blast that cost the lives of 12 other troops and a few hundred Afghan civilians who disobeyed instructions to stay in their homes while providing protection during the final hectic days of America’s glorious defeat in a yet another war of economic convenience.

“I’m not for war,” Whitelaw told a reporter covering her vigil outside a Roanoke White Castle, “but war is what America does best, and it seems a shame to waste that God-given talent just to make some touchy-feely types feel good about themselves.”

Whitelaw says she’s been contacted by several “lawyer types that are advising me on whether and when I may have rights.”