All The Gnus That Give Two Shits

DeSantis Bets On $1500 Ounce Of Cure Beating Free Shots


Supply Side Plantation Economy Inside Traders Set To Make A Killing In Florida

Arguing that providing safe & effective COVID shots to Floridians without charge is not sustainable in the long term & will lead to a socialist victory in the war of stupid ideologies, Governor Ron DeSantis today threatened to shoot anyone in the state who even suggests that masks & vaccinations be mandated to combat the highly contagious Delta variant of the Chinese coronavirus hoax.

“Pharmaceutical companies are guaranteed in the Constitution the inalienable right to pursue their happiness by making a margin of 80% minimum,” the incoherent governor told a rapt audience of Republican cow breeders at a Gainesville 4H committee meeting, “You tell me how anyone can expect to break even by giving away the hard work of their brave endeavors? That’s socialism, by God, & America will never be a socialist country, not on my watch, & even if it ever does, I promise Florida will not remain party of any such imperfect union. You have my card on that.

Regeneron was alledgedly used to save the life of former twice-impeached president Donald J. Turdwaffle, who succumbed to a hysterical case of COVID after one of his super-spreader events backfired & infected half the White House staff in October 2020. The drug was granted emergency use authorization shortly thereafter, & the company was awarded $450 million to treat up to 300,000 self-infected patients.

Regeneron belongs to a uniquely American group of pharmaceuticals that exists solely to allow patients, without regard to race, gender, religion, or ethnicity, to engage in risky self-destructive behavior, having learned from TV commercails that there is a drug, covered by most insurance plans, that will cure you so you’ll quickly be free to engage in the same or similar stupid behavior once you are at least partially recovered. At $1500 a treatment, somebody is making out like a bandit.

Could this be why DeSantis opted for mobile response units to dispense expensive drugs to people who wouldn’t be sick if they’d masked up & got vaccinated instead of Joe Biden’s scary suggestion of going door-to-door to educate people on how to protect themselves & their families from our deadly stupidity epidemic by simply getting COVID shots?