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SkyNet Drone Goes Medieval On Antifa Terrorist's Ass


UN Report Cites Portlander Killed At BLM Protest

One consequence of the Reagan legacy that rarely bets discussed by the corporate media has been the militarization of community police state departments across the US, complete with the distribution of obsolete military hardware to local slave catchers & #OccupyYourTownUSA. Among these armaments, according to the UN Security Council’s Panel of Experts on America’s 40 year war against reason, are first & second generation autonomous killer drones capable of carrying out a variety of termination activities without explicit instructions from the drone operator, usually one located in America’s heartland, making her available to carry out targeted solutions to problems with humantiy at their core.

Although no one can be certain, the UN report suggests that the obliteration of Lawrence Nada during a stop & frisk at one of the Oregon city’s East Side homeless encampment on April 16th was the first time a Portland Police drone hunted down & eliminated a human target without specifically being told to do so. 

Nada, a Disinformation Specialist with the Portland Pataphysical Pataphysical Outpatient Clinic & Laundromat, was sought on a bench warrant stemming from the pie-bombing of a Floyd Skloot impersonator at the Rose Festival Fun Center in 2015. As a stringer for Yossarian News Service, Nada had filed dozens of reports on police state militarization with weapons of mass distruction in his widely-condemned opinion pieces under the mocking collective title: All The News To Give You Fits.

Perhaps unironically, one of Nada’s final columns was titled: “I Told You So.”