All The Gnus That Give Two Shits

Matt Gaetz Victim Blames Media For Victimization


“I Am A Proud, Capable, & Competent Conservative Woman,” Anonymous News & Entertainment Casualty Complains

In a stunning development that may wel spell doom for the human species by deflecting our attention, yet again, from the ongoing global extinction event precipitated by America’s oil industry, the no-longer-that-young-formerly-underage-female-vagina-provider with whom soon-to-be former Florida Represetative Matt Gaetz allegedly had a consensual sexual business relationship told a Fox News business influencer today that she is tired of being “painted the villainish victim in liberal America’s witch hunt against some of the best paying customers a young girl could ever hope for. Go bark up somebody else’s pencil skirt, you goddamn antifa pussies!”

We have no idea when or where this happened & have yet to receive lawyerly correspondence demanding that we stop promoting such nonsense, so it must be true!

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