All The Gnus That Give Two Shits

Sounds Like It's Time To Dig Out The Recipe For Nancy's Secret Head Sauce


Just Say Yes To Come

The things I miss on Twitter these days apparently included this thread, which reminded of the time my smut was judged to have no redeeming social value by Cheri magazine. 

Mike Golden told me so.

He said: “The bosses have determined your Little Oral Annie column about C. Everett Koop sharing the recipe for Nancy Reagan’s Secret Head Sauce has no redeeming social value.”

I asked: “When have I ever pretended to have any social value?”

He told me to stay on topic.

I argued that existence is not a binary construct & that any attempt to force the infinite moments of unstructured lifeforce into one of two boxes would eventually lead to the extinction of all life, probably during our lifetimes.

“Now that, Ligisan,” Golden told me, “is an idea I might be able to sell.”

“Oh fuck you, Mikey,” I said & hung up.

Eventually Mike Golden died.

Have I no shame?