All The Gnus That Give Two Shits

Kim Potter Latest Victim In Liberal War On Christmas


Judge Lays Down The Law; Keeps Convict In Jail

Clearly unable to understand the meaning of tone deafness, attorneys for former cop & convicted human killer  wasted no time in demanding that Kimberly K. Potter be released to observe Christmas with her family and friends, “unless your honor is willing to take the wrong side in the liberal media’s War on Christmas!”

“Surely the court can find it in its heart to grant my client the opportunity to attend the Nutcracker with her family,” said Sherlock Moriarty, head barrister for Potter’s crack legal defense team. “She bought the tickets months ago for a pretty penny, during the riots. Had to stand in line with a mask on.”

Judge Hammond Robbie was having none of it, ordering the convicted killer be placed in handcuffs and jailed to await sentencing at a date to be announced later this decade, “depending on what happens with this damned pandemic. We could all be dead this time next year the way things are going.”