All The Gnus That Give Two Shits

Coal Miner's Offer To Pay AOC To Move To WV


We Need A Senator Who Gives A Fuck About Working People

Following explosive revelations that Sen. Charlie Manchin (Dimwit, WV) is a racist scrumbag with hints of chardonnay & horehound, outraged West Virginians keyed the aging white supremacist’s Maserati & threatened to sink his yacht if he didn’t come to his senses and vote for Joe Biden’s Build Back Better bill, which polls show is supported by nearly 75% of the registered voters in that shit hole state.

“I don’t follow the polls,” the beleaguered solon told reporters camped outside his favorite Ruth’s Criss Steak House.

“It shows!” shouted one young wag in the crowd of 50 or so protestors, many of whom carryied signs supporting New York’s Alexandria O’Casio Cortez, who has hinted she’d be willing to relocate to the impoverished coal-producing state just to run against Manchin in 2024.