All The Gnus That Give Two Shits

One Of The Best Benefits Of Being Banned From Twitter For Hateful Conduct Is...


I Was Also Removed From Various Turdwaffle E-Mail Lists

This led me to suspect that my alleged hateful conduct arose from my willingness to post the insane bullshit from Trump Nazis and supply-side plantation owners that sludged up my junk mailboxes. 

For some reason, though, I think one of the Twitter interns assigned to monitor my Internet activity alerted the Turdwaffle’s that I was still being uppity even though I’d been repeatedly been denied reinstatement, as if I were an insurrectionist bent on overthrowing our nation of miserable fucks & not just another itinerant cave painter waiting on the world to get it over with.

Whatever the reason, beginning on November 5, 2 days short of the 8 month anniversary of my temporary suspension for posting about America’s foremost feckless cunt, I began receiving more Nazi horse exhaust from the Turdwaffle consortium, asking for money, of course, but also requesting my participation in finding a way to kill the First Amendment once & for all by turning over the keys to my freedom not to give a shit to the very people I don’t give a shit about.


As I always do when I receive unsolicited Nazi e-mails hoping I’ll support an over-based solution to the problems caused by 40 years of The Reagan Legacy’s supply-side plantation economy, I responded to the survey in the manner it deserved.