Turdwaffle Threatens To Sue If Garland Releases Warrant And List Of Stolen Objects Recovered


This Is A Sad Day For The Job Creators In America, Former Führer Claims In Fundraising Email

Former twice-impeached unindicted co-conspirator and kind of casual roadside serial killer the founding fathers hoped would one day steer our nation of miserable fucks through more than half a century of growing Nazi controlled economic and social realignment to the pormised shining city on the hill, Donaldo Grabito Pussolini, spouting the kind of genocidal rhetoric that has made America great since long before it first began slaughtering native peoples and stealing their continent back when lower non-white life forms did not have standing to make their slaughter into some gotcha liberal legal issue.

I don’t have to tell you people how stupid you are.

God made you that way, and the Constitution of this nation of miserable fucks has long been interpreted to mean that the stupidest, most venal, and most heavily armed developmentally disabled patriot is America’s best expression of how God feels about the great job we’ve been doing to make this planet the gem of some imaginary ocean.

Can you remember when you had an original thought?

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