Judge Dismisses Trump's 'Immunity' Claim In Jan. 6 Lawsuits


‘Hey, Fuck That Guy,” Former Führer Fumes On Fox Affiliate In Fellatio, Ohio

“What the hell does the greatest president this country has ever known have to do to stop being harrassed by the fake news, the libtards, the feminazis, and the woke mob?” the former twice-impeached unindicted co-conspirator and kind of president every petty crook has the opportunity to grow up to be in our great nation of miserable fucks (NOMF™) whined to a wheezing throng of MAGAt ivermectin-addicts at one of his regularly scheduled grifting rallies.

Grabito Pussolini was in one shit hole state or another, speaking to the uneducated who have made this country so great, as climate scientissts conceded that it is too late to reverse the impacts of fossil-fuel-induced climate change.

If there anyone here doesn’t agree that this nation of miserable fucks is so great that not even extraterrestrials have worked up the tanned testicles to invade us and turn us into a libtocracy, I think they should stop reading right now and go back to whatever healthy Christian activity in which they were previously engaged, because the rest of this post is sure to bring them down.

The rest of this post.

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