All The Best People Who All Were Just Slovenly Old White Men


Couldn’t Put Our Proudly Uneducated Nation Of Miserable Fucks Back Together Again


Can’t we call a spade a spade anymore? (I once quietly quit a job in 1986 by doing just that, but that’s grist for a future post you won’t be able to comment on either.

If God had intended for you to interact with me, He wouldn’t have created me to begin with.

So here’s the simple truth, no matter what Kroger may have convinced you in their incessant marketing materials: The dumbest among us are the most heavily armed and most likely to stand their ground against your ideas. How dumb are you? That’s a for real #ExistentialTrickQuestion in our current ongoing extinction event.

And here’s the kicker: the courts will probably side against you and your antisocial tendencies, no matter how moderate you think you are.

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