Richfucks Admit They've Made Some Irreversible Mistakes


Tell Everyone To Keep Calm & Carry On

“It’s a little too late to do anything about it now, isn’t it?” asked Elder Goody Richfuck, “but otherwise we would be among the first to acknowledge the errors in judgment that have led us to this current existential precipice. It wasn’t like millions of people haven’t been calling us out for being liars and crooks since Big Dick Nixon was slithering around the White House.”

Approximately 8 billion people, along with their pets and livestock, are forecast by the World Economic Forum to perish from this Earth forever between 2030 and 2055 AD as the direct result of our general lack of morality, poor leadership, ignorant religious voodoo, and the generic proud stupidity that has made humanity so unappealing during its short tenure as stewards of a planet it apparently was sent here to destroy by The Daleks.

Thank God for the Second Amendment, or how could we stand our ground against our commitment to self-annihilation?


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