Fact Check: A One-Source Story About Ivana Trump Being Pushed Down Stairs To Prevent Damaging Testimony Goes Viral


Claim: Former Twice-Impeached Unindicted Co-Conspirator Donaldo Grabito Pussolini Pushed First Wife Down Stairs To Prevent Fraud Investigation Testimony

As if America’s favorite incompetent clown didn’t already have enough problems, he is now being accused of killing his first wife to prevent her from testifying about what she knew of his business dealing while she was spitting out heirs for him in the early days of his corrupt career before he began employing blanket non-disclosure agreements, non-disparagement and non-competitive clauses, and lifetime loyalty pledges in his contracts to protect the illegal activities that were no longer risky business in Old Rummy Reagan’s supply-side plantation economy and community police state.

“This is bullshit,” the old fat fuck truthed from his golf resort in New Jersey where he is fighting extradiction to nearly every fully-functioning state in our nation of miserable fucks. “Why would I kill Ivana. She gave me my greatest asset,” posting a recent photo of daughter Ivanka, who served as a key aid in his administration, despite having no qualification and although no one, including Ivanka, knew what the fuck she was doing there,

Pussolini claimed he was home alone at his Bedminster residence eating a bucket of KFC extra-crispy childen when he received word that Ivana was no longer a threat.

If we hadn’t made this story up, I’m pretty sure no one else in this nation of miserable fucks would have had the balls to do it, except for The Patron Saint of Tanned Testicles, Tucked “Tricker Fucker” Carlson, who has yet to announce if he’ll agree to replace Mike Pence on the Repugnicunt ticket be the running mate to the greatest savior of this planet since fossil fuels.

Conclusion: False

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