Former President Promises Pardon For Judge Who Lifted Mask Mandate


She’s A Very Fine Person With A Great Pussy, Former Führer Tells Rally Crowd

Former twice-impeached unindicted co-conspirator & the guy who allegedly ordered a hit on Vice President Mikey “He’ll Eat Anything” Pence on Jan 6, 2021, Grabito Pussolini told a rabid crowd of uneducated moderates at a rally promoting hillbilly author J. D. Vance to “be the man to put the uppity antifa, MS-13, and other enemies of the people behind bars that will be welded shut and saving America for you very fine people” in Delaware, OH.

“Let’s hear it for judge Mansell. Such a great judge. How about my judges?” Pussolini bragged, "You gotta like my judges. My judges, I appointed so many judges — did you know how many judges you can appoint to lifetime positions when you’re the president and you have your guys in the Senate? Is a lot enough? How about a shit load?

“Well, I’ve appointed more of my judges at every level of making America great again than any other president in the history of this once great nation going back to the beginning of American Manifest Destinhy in memorium.”

I showed my neighbor this story and he told me one day I’d be sorry.

I told him we could talk about this post again in 50 years and see how things have worked out for him. He said: “You’ll be dead by then.”

“So?” I said, “I’m betting the same will be true for you and your entire family.”

“Are you threatening me?” he asked.

“Google it,” I answered.

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