Forbes Magazine Gives Humanity 13 Years To Find A New Home


And No I Am Not Kidding

You don’t have to believe me. Good for you. I don’t believe in anything myself. But just look at these screen shots. 


I don’t whether to call this an act of master clickbaiting or click masterbaiting.

Here’s a link to the whole sordid clickturbatory story, which doesn’t explain exactly what the 13-year deadline is all about. I suspect the headline writer was trying to describe how long it will take to get the first Webb telescope images back to analyze.

Because the article does say that the closest candidate is approximately 4.4 million light years from Earth. Considering that the fastest speed an Earthling spacecraft has thus far achieved in modern recorded history is 364,660 miles an hour, it will take a little less than 71 trillion hours to complete the journey, so good luck in getting any part of that trip complete in 13 years.

One trillion hours works out to 114 million years. You do the math.

Good luck, space oddities, on your noble adventure.

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