Why Is It Every Time Some Black Person Plays The Race Card It's Because Of Some Critical Racist Theory?


Doesn’t It Make You Think Maybe This Is All A Little Too Convenient?

I mean I don’t mean to cast any aspersions, but something just doesn’t pass the smell test, as I heard someone read on the fake news somewhere, with all these black people claiming the NFL is a bunch of racist crooks. If God didn’t mean for the NFL to be a bunch of racist crooks, why isn’t Colin Kaepernick playing in the Superbowl the day before Valentine's?

I’m sure this thing with Flores and his class action racial discrimination suit will just blow over once everyone agrees it was all just a misunderstanding between massa and the hired help. It was just a “unfortunate scheduling conflict” that resulted in the obligatory diversity interviews of colored folk taking place after the Giants’ presumptive great white hope had already been hired. 

That kind of shit happens all the time. You can’t call that racism. That’s just business as usual. That’s The American Way!

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