I Intend To Continue To Mask Up When I'm Off My Property


At Least Until We Hit Two Million Uneducated American Dead

That’s really not that far away when you look at the numbers, considering how many nimrods are still willing to forego vaccination & risk their lives for principles they don’t even embrace in their day to day lives. It just goes to show what happens when an entire civilization dumbs itself down enough to fervently believe in absolutely nothing.

I’m not surprised by how terribly everything is going. How many times do I really need to say I told you so? I predicted 2.1 to 4.1 million dead before this was over back in January, 2020, assuming we did everything right, although as early as January, 2020, we had already committed to doing EVERYTHING wrong, because that’s The American Way!

If God had meant for the future of mankind to be discussed in a rational manner, why did He think uneducated Americans were the people best suited to decide which species get a shot at survival?

Did anyone REALLY believe that Donald J. Turdwaffle and his Kavalcade of Killer Klowns had any clue how to respond to a highly contagious & deadly respiratory virus, other than trying to figure out the best way to make a buck and cover their tracks? I don’t think so. Homey don’t play dat.

In five years, I will be replying to people complaining about their homes flooding from conditions I predicted thiry years ago by saying: I TOLD YOU SO!

You know what the only words ever translated from a cave painting were? I told you so.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before.

I was pointing out how badly things were going for the longevity of our species back in the sixties when the fifties had come to define what the Founding Fathers were dreaming of when they wrote the Constitution to preserve the Second Amendment at the end of a nightlong prayer circle jerk for Jesus.

I understand they raised their dicks solemnly and hummed Suzanne, as later imagined by Leonard Cohen, and God heard their voices and said unto the heavens: “What the fuck?”

If only we had been born two thousand years ago, imagine how much fun we could have had back then, especially knowing what we do now. We could have made out like bandits!

You should see the cave painting version of this post. You’d recognized it in a skinny dipping minute.

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