CDC Issues Warning To Pregnant Women In States With Severe Restrictions On Reproductive Rights


Studies Find COVID Destroys The Placenta And Causes Stillbirth

The CDC today issued an urgent warning for unvaccinated women in Repugnicunt-controlled states where abortion might as well be illegal to consider relocating to avoid prosecution for heartbeatacide should they contract COVID and spontaneous abort their fetuses.

In Texas, where life begins before the guy wipes himself, lawyers are gearing up to file civil complaints against women “they’ve had their eye on for quite some time now, that we suspect have ended a pregnancy to lose weight because they are not Peloton subscribers.”

Texas allows anyone who feels like it to file suit against any woman whose before and after photos over a period of months indicate a sudden loss of girth that cannot to tied to a legitimate corporate weight loss program.

We thought about reaching out to some women to get their reactions to this news, but does anyone really cares what women have to say?

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