Arizona GOP Governor Douchebag Defends Backing White Nationalist Candidate


If We Keep De-Nazifying The GOP Pretty Soon We’ll Run Out Of The Moderates That Made Our Country Great

Gov. Doug Douchebag (R-Word, AZ) scolded reporters today for asking him mean questions about his support for avowed white nationalist state Sen. Wendy “Wet Willy” Rogers (R-Word, Corncob)  just to make him look bad.

“Why do you never ask liberals questions like this?” Douchebag demanded, after the Asshole Anti-Defamation League released a report of white-wing extremists and #AltReich candidates running for office this year that has Rogers at the top asshole on the list.

Douchebag contends that even avowed Nazis are preferable to having Democrats in office. “Democrats make nothing good happen,” the governor argued, “When have they ever enacted a decent tax break for Republicans?”


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