I Earned Two Masters Degrees In Arkansas


State Attorney General Leslie Rutledge Makes Me Proud I Mock & Still Hate The Place

Some of the dumbest fucks either side of the Mississippi went to the Arkansas graduate creative writing program, but that’s not really saying much. We have nearly 165 million religiously committed dumbfucks in our nation of miserable fucks, if my interpretation of recent midterm election polling is any indication.

Unless you live in total isolation these days, chances are you are a coworker, confidant, employee, friend, family member, spouse, parent, or unindicted co-conspirator of one of America’s burgeoning dumb fuck class.

I chuckled frequently as I watched Jon Stewart rip Rutledge a couple of new cunts a couple of nights ago. She never once strayed from America’s favorite talking points: “But they started it!”

It’s obvious the only way rational Arkansans can redeem themselves at this point is through mass suicide, but most of the decent Arkansans killed themselves in the early 1970s, so what good would a couple of dozen dead Arkansan liberal cadaver cosies do at this point? 

Consider this another gratuitous #ExistentialTrickQuestion.

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