Marjoe Faylure Greene Hopes Not To Provoke Another Civil War


That Is Not My Intention, Says Nimrod Nudnik

Freshman Rep. Marjoe Faylure Greene (R-Word, GA) belly-flopped into the national news again today when she recommended that the well-armed deplorables in our nation of miserable fucks use their “God-given Second Amendment rights against the tyannosaurs of government who will stop at nothing to outlaw your religion & take your guns.” 

“Ultimately, the truth is,” the rabble-rouser rambled on, “it’s our Second Amendment rights, our right to bear arms, and to fire those arms, if need be, that protects all great Americans and gives us the ability to eliminate the threats to ourselves from the tyrannosaurs in government.

“And I almost hate to use this allegedly incendiary language where you can hear it, but the Democrats, they’re exactly, I mean, they’re doing exactly what our Foundering Fathers talked about when they gave us the precious rights to own these firearms that we have now so many of that we ought to consider giving them four-fifths of the right to vote.”

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