Turdwaffle Blasts New Air Force One Color Scheme


Former Guy Calls Rainbow Flag Design “A Complete & Total Disaster”

As America moves on from its regrettable past toward a more inclusive and promising future, the Biden administration today revealed the winner of last fall’s DNC-sponsored Tik Tok Teens Flying High For Democracy contest which called on young people to weigh in on former twice-impeached unindicted co-conspirator & failed führer Donald J. Turdwaffle’s Nazi-inspired design that featured custom nano-particle stealth paint composed of trillions upon trillions of tiny swastikas in red, white, and blue.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s unveiling of the new design at today’s press briefing caused several alternative journalists to keelover and wriggle on the floor like electrified goldfish.

“This is a complete and total outrage,” said the former guy in a mass emailing on Constant Comment, “This would never have happened if I were still alive!”

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