Missouri Police Department Shows Itself How To Defund Police


Entire Department Resigns Because Nobody Likes Them

The community police state in Kimberling City, MO, suddenly collapsed in late August when the city’s entire gestapo resigned citing low pay, lack of support from citizenry, and a refusal of the city to commit to new language in their contract that ensures cops will not be held accountable for actions to impose white supremacist law and order whether on or off-duty.

“We never had to worry about going to jail just for roughing up a protestor or some thug flaunting our laws against selling loose cigarettes to poor people,” said former chief Herman Himmler. “What’s next? Are they going to charge us for using bullets to stop these lawless thugs?”

Mayor Joe Bob Dobbs welcomed the resignations, saying the city will make good use of the funds by shifting them to education and healthcare, now that the major cause of violence & lawlessness in the city has chosen to look elsewhere for entertainment.

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