Ivermectin Overdose Patients Outnumber Accidental Gunshot Victims In Shit-Hole States


This Is A Clear & Present Danger To Our Second Amendment Rights

Doctors throughout regions of the U.S. predominantly populated by the uneducated and overtly religious are pleading with Turdwaffle supporters to stop taking ivermectin, a horse dewormer that has been flying off farm supply store shelves faster than canning supplies as we head into the fall survivalist season.

“We have ambulances lined up at the hospital full of patients with assorted firearm-related injuries that our healthcare system was designed to care for,” said Dr. Eugene Autry, an ER physician at Our Lady Of Katie Elder Memorial Hospital in Tulsa, OK.

“Some of these wounds will become fatal if they are not treated in a timely fashion, and our hospital is currently filled with passionate patriots without the sense God gave a can of hominy who will not take Joe Biden’s Fauci Ouchie, just because, while pumping themselves full of ivermection that is in such short supply in our region that entire ranches have horses riddled with worm holes you can drive a truck through while we sit here with both oards dead in the water, waiting for a crate of shoes to drop, to mix a few metaphors, but to get to the point: What is wrong with you people?”

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