Dems Tell Repugs To Be Thankful They're Only Taxing The Rich


We Could Be Demanding To Eat The Rich, Says Deep State Strategist

As Democrats in office finally begin responding to their voters’ demand to dismantle 40 years of the Reagan legacy of a supply-side plantation-economy, enforced by a heavily-armed paramilitary community police state, Repugnicunts are weighing their options as COVID continues to wipe out their uneducated deplorable base.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand appeared to welcome the new push to extract more revenue from the robber baron class. “It could be a whole lot worse. At least they’re not talking about turning our corpulent titans of industry into energy bars, or dismembering our tastiest corporations into the choicest cuts. Corporations are people, after all.

"I welcome new taxes for those who can most afford it, but I am opposed to turning the 1% into a new protein source. They are obviously not a renewable resource.” 

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