Ashli Boebert's Family Wants Congressional Medal Of Honor


“She Was An American Heroin,” Neighbors Tell Dissociative Press

Ashli Boebert, no relation to her sister from Colorado, congressturd Lorena, was shot & killed on January 6th while attempting to find and lynch members of Congress who were voting against America’s greatest presidential candidate since George Lincoln Rockwell, according to the very fine people on the side that lost the 2020 election bigly.

“Ashli was a victim of the dopioid epidemic caused by the liberal media and black antifa,” said one sign among the six or seven protestors outside Bubba’s Boba Boutique, who denied them service when they refused to wear masks before entering.

“Ashli would never cave in to these repressive acts,” said one participant wearing a  “Stop The Steelers” sweatshirt. “She was high on patriotism, not hydroxychloroquine. Google it!” 

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